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For almost 20 years we've been researching the world's best tools and technologies on how the human brain functions so that we can share this with our clients. The result is AccelerBrain.... AccelerBrain is a science of the mind, which is helping thousands lead more fulfilling and productive lives. From workshops, masterclasses, seminar through to six month consultancy projects, our team can help your organisation. 

AccelerBrain has a toolkit designed for senior managers/executives to help maximise performance. The strapline 'from bright to bottom line profits' encompasses its objectives; taking already bright people to a new level of success and achievement...showing their true brilliance. Its overall concept is to enable executives to train their brain, build further personal intelligence and thus train the 'business brain' ie the organisational systems. 

Some of the world's leading companies use the techniques in our system to gain a real competitive edge. 

Hi, I'm Mark Brzozowski, Managing Director of Accelerbrain Ltd...and yes, I like to have fun at work!

My work involves teaming up with specialists...some brilliant minds - including the creator of AccelerBrain (Amanda Clarke) - to create a unique range of programmes guaranteed to help people fulfil their true potential whilst achieving their work goals. My teak have the extensive business management and coaching experience that your business demands.

AccelerBrain is a toolkit for 'accelerating the processing capabilities of the brain'

It has been created from two words 'Accelerate'  and 'Brain'.  Its objective is provide you with the tools and technologies to speed up your learning, processing of information, and progress in all areas of your life; whether it be for improved performance, better recruitment, managing change, conflict management, getting out of debt or creating a healthier lifestyle.  

AccelerBrain is a toolkit that will help you do the things you need to do, in a more effective, efficient and easy way. 
Our philosophy is simple; by understanding and learning how the brain works and how you can use that to your advantage, you can achieve more. 

The system consists of 5 elements: 

1. Learning Active engagement helps to make sense of the world; develops or deepens skills, knowledge, understanding, values, ideas and feelings
These learning experiences lead to change, development and the desire to learn more, achieve more, be more.

There are hundreds of tools and techniques at your disposal when in comes to producing the perfect learning environment. Listed below are some of the learning interventions we offer - available in PDF format, on request.

  • ALEYS (Accelerated Learning in an Early Years Setting)
  • Become a BLT (Brain Friendly Learning Trainer/teacher) 
  • ALS (Accelerated Learning in Schools) 
  • Accelerated Learning at Work 
  • Training the Trainer  
  • Presentation Skills Master Class 
  • Using multiple intelligences
  • Memory and mindmapping for results 

We offer a confidential, tailored consultancy service that will transform your training programmes into a motivational masterpiece training event. Just imagine the difference it could make if we took your 'dull as dishwater' subject and transformed the syllabus into a training programme that will get your employees interested, enjoying themselves and learning far more quickly. We will even train your Trainers too! 

Consulting can include the redesign of a one-off presentation, continuous classroom based training, a webinar or online learning programmes. 

"I've been meaning to (write) for a while. I did the ALEYS programme nearly 4 years ago while working for Staffordshire County Council, and its still making an impact on my practice today.  I'm opening a (day) nursery this September. While renovating the building I was thinking about the importance of natural light, temperature, the space for movement, a neutral colour on the walls, texture and colour contrast of carpets, having music available at different times of the day when children and their parents arrive...natural tables, chairs and storage units so that the focus is on the resources. In the evening I use some of the relaxation and reflection tools that you showed us to turn my mind off and relax. I also use some of the memory building tools to keep on top of everything that is happening. So I just wanted to say 'thank you' - and for you to recognise the impact that the course has had and will continue to have in the future."  Vicky Parr, Owner, Early Years Nursery.

2. Absorbing Do some of the screens on this website change too fast for you?  
If so, maybe it's time to learn how to read on purpose!! Absorbing large amounts of information quickly doesn't have to be overwhelming! Master how to absorb vasts amounts of information quickly, easily and effectively; with the ability to recall the information you need, when you need it!

  • Chop reading time in half, slash research time by up to 200% and improve your memory, with our flagship "Reading on Purpose" programme. Did you know…your brain has the power to absorb reading material at a rate of 60,000 words a minute? Now you can learn to tap into some of this power! 
  • Magical Memory Mindset - enhance your ability to unlock any memory at will with this powerful memory training.
"I worked with AcclerBrain in a couple of areas. The first was in learning PhotoReading. Amanda helped me to see what is possible and then answered specific questions. And yes, she was a WOW! Not only does she know her work (and how!) but she is able to communicate it in simple, plain English! You are in for a treat if you work with Amanda Clarke to help learn how to increase your reading speed and comprehension. Amanda also helped me a lot in basic business analysis and in asking the right questions. I heartily recommend what she does. You'll find working with her to be a wise investment of any time, money and effort you invest." 
Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE -
Member Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. 
CEO & Founder of Achievement Systems, 
Orlando, FL, USA

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand"...Confucius 

3. Progressing What are the strategies that will give you and your company the power and edge over competitors? We have over 40 programmes to help develop and expand your ability to:

  • Lead confidently 
  • Be a visionary
  • Think clearly
  • Give clear direction
  • And inspire others through your actions

Even the greatest achievers of our time notice the gap between where they are and where they want to be. 

For example, our executive and team Coaching programmes has the power to keep you focused on where you want to be.

"Working with (my coach) was very rewarding due to her ability to get you to think, plan & do...clearly! The AccelerBrain coaching model quickly helped me establish a "road map" to achieving success through my eyes and that of the organisation. (The Coach) has a great understanding of the dynamics within larger organisations - the politics, heirarchy etc and that helps profusely. 
A few years after we first met, I was able to share with her a record of my achievements and goals. My coach was very easy to work with, yet is a forceful task master who inspires you to be the very best you can be! I still use her techniques when planning today. I would thoroughly recommended her to others." Tim Steele, f
ormerly of GE (Hotpoint)

4. Communicating The essence of a great team is confident leadership with a clear vision, strategy, the commitment of all involved, couple with the talent to see it through. 
Discover how to communicate with even the most difficult people (especially in times of change) and have them listen to what you have to say, every time you speak!

From a 2-hour masterclass to five day programme, topics include:

  • Team Development (and away days)
  • Behavioural Profiling
  • Behavioural Training
  • Values Training
  • Appraisal training
  • Coaching Skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication Skills
  • Influencing
  • Deal with Difficult Situations
  • Team Building
  • MindFocus

"What can I say?...I've just had the most focused weekend and the ability to peaking when I needed!

Without doubt the most absorbing, educational and entertaining course I have ever been on!...I can't believe I've met a team who can improve my Art of Peak Performance all at once!" Gary McArd, Dublcheck Ltd (part of Dublcheck Plc)

5. Well-Being Attract abundance in all areas of life. Physical health and fitness is just as important as a healthy mind. Financial fitness can provide security and confidence. Emotional fitness allows a person to grow and continually learn.

  • Financial Abundance : The "28 day to Financial Success Blueprint" is based on our popular DebtFree & Happy personal learning course and book by the same name. This has become very popular in companies that want to support their employees to become financially stable, so that they can concentrate on the work in hand during the working week.  The programme does not advocate IVA or bankruptcy, which can only increase employee stress. Instead, it's a programme that helps them understand how they got to where they are and supports them in getting out of debt so that they can continue to enjoy their life and work. The one day introductory seminar leads to follow up coaching once a week for those who need more support for up to 12 months.
  • Nutrition Nuggets; The benefits of a healthy and varied diet are undisputable. The UK government is committed to reducing death and ill health caused by diet-related disease. Consumers are increasingly aware of the effects of a poor diet - childhood obesity, in particular, is a cause for national concern. 
    Available as a live seminar or a personal learning programme for your corporate library, this programme is a must for  health and well-being. 
  • Emotional Abundance; Companies today are increasingly under pressure to eliminate stress for their employees. Recent increases in legal action being taken against corporations by employees alleging failure of the organisation to take reasonable action to identify and respond to the stress suffered by the individual employee has brought the issue into even greater focus.
    Many corporations now undertake stress audits as part of their internal policies and procedures - in an attempt to identify situations which might lead to employee stress. Such action is essential for any company which claims to care for it's employees.
    But the ultimate reality is that every person responds to situations in their own individual and unique way. "Beyond Stress Awareness" masterclass tackles the problem head on, giving participants all the resources they need to manage stress in the workplace.

"I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, but this programme really opened my eyes. There's lots of practices I'll follow as a result of this"  Alex Westrup, Director, Childrens Day Nursery, Manchester

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